Sunday, October 3, 2010

day two: love

something that i love about myself- i love that i can be happy. i can be happy all the time. seriously, i can be happy ALL the time. i just have to think about it. i know that there could easily be ways that i could get depressed about my life and everything in it, and sometimes it gets me down for a minute, but i choose not to dwell on it, because my life is beautiful and i have nothing to complain about.

i think i started this idea that happiness is all in your head a long time ago, my junior year actually. i had been diagnosed as "clinically depressed" and they had given me a bunch of medicine, but as soon as i had the prescription, i realized i didn't NEED it. it was all in my head. i was allowing myself to be depressed. now, i don't want to make a blanket statement, because i know that each individual situation is different, BUT i do believe that probably a lot of people's depression is all in their head, and they are just allowing themselves to be that way. i really do believe that if you make a concious effort to be happy- you will be.

Steff once shared a quote with me saying, "If you want to be happy, BE." and i've really taken that to heart, i conciously make an effort to be happy, and well, I AM. i don't worry, i don't stress, i just go about on my happy little way. and i love my life so much more! i'm an incredibly just happy, chipper, smiley, laughing person! i love being happy and i love bringing smiles to other peoples faces! i think i really magnify this when i'm at work. i think i love myself best when i'm with my residents, because my attitude is solely about serving them, and i am just there to make their life a little easier. i'm lovely and smiley and friendly and kind. i love that <3

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