Friday, October 15, 2010

day eight: ruin me

someone who ruined me...

he was my first high school crush. my first date. my first kiss. he was my best friend for an entire summer. it stopped being "what are you doing tonight?" it was "what are WE doing tonight?" we just were comfortable with each other- too comfortable. my feelings for him never quite left, they were always there beneath the surface, even though i told everyone we were "just friends". then junior year hit, my parents decided we were going to move to provo, so i started school at timpview, but still went back to park city over weekends. we tried seeing each other as much as possible when i went home. and one night out of the blue, he kissed me... i thought it meant something... turns out it was just something to do... he broke my heart. this was the start of my "dark" age... due to that one boy... nick johnson. this used to be my favorite picture of him.

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