Saturday, October 30, 2010

day eleven: compliments

hmmmm... i suppose what i get complimented on most is my maturity. when people don't know how old i am and then i tell them, they always are verys surprised like "OH no way! i thought for sure you were 21!" and i'm always like "really? REALLY?" because i feel so immature most of the time! how on earth do i fool all of these people?! i mean i'm the type of girl who thinks mac'n'cheese is a great dinner, applesauce is bomb, koolaid rocks my world, finding nemo is my favorite movie, i love to watch cartoons (Avatar: the Last Airbender on Nickelodeon is my guilty indulgence), i stay up later than i should despite my responsibilities, i procrastinate like no other, and i laugh at stupid things ALL THE TIME. example: favorite joke. there are two muffins in an oven and one muffin goes: Oh man! it's getting hot in here. the other muffin goes: "Oh my gosh! a talking muffin!!" HAHA! stupid, i know, but i looooove it :)

sooo perhaps i know that in some ways i am more mature than the average joe. i've been through a fair amount of crazy stuff in my life. i've learned a lot, and i like to think that the way i have chosen to live life makes me fairly mature. i mean i went out and found a job where i work 24-32 hours a week, i use the money i earn to pay for tuition, books, rent, cell, gas, food and whatever else i need (and usually in that order. lol) i don't get offended easily, i let most stuff roll off my back. i don't get my feelings hurt real easy. i think i'm fairly undramatic, i mean i know that sometimes there is drama in my life, but i don't go out looking for it or purposefully make it. i'm not judgemental. i've done too much stupid stuff to be that. i'm open minded. i am always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, even when some people probably don't deserve it. i don't overanalyze. i'm just very cut and dry i think. i realize that love requires a lot of work, and it sure ain't no fairytale. i know what i want for a career. and perhaps these things are why i'm considered "mature" but i kinda just wish that everyone had these characteristics... haha.

but even though i know that i am fairly mature, i can't help think that i'm still so not prepared for this whole "being mature" and "grown up" thing. i tell residents at work how old i am and they say "you're still a baby!" and well, yeah! i totally feel like i am! i'm still young- oh so young, and i feel like i'm trying to grow up way too fast...

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