Monday, October 4, 2010

day four: forgive another

i don't know what to say... i honestly don't feel as though i have not forgiven anyone that has hurt me... maybe i just haven't been hurt that often... maybe i just don't have grudges... but i honestly feel as though i am at peace with anyone and everyone that i have crossed paths with... i used to put a lot of blame on my past actions on my parents... but after i ranted and got all my emotions out, in a school paper actually, i even learned to forgive them. becuase they are human, and lets face it, raising teenagers is not an easy thing to do. especially raising me, because i was a pill. (i know i know, i'm STILL technically a teenager, being 19 and all, but i like to think that i'm a little bit more mature these days than i was 3 years ago)

however, new information, ironically discovered today, gives me the impression that perhaps in the distant or maybe not so distant future, i may have one person i will have to forgive... but i should hope that it doesn't result in that... fingers crossed.

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