Friday, July 1, 2011


You tell me all your troubles
the pain you try to hide
In your heart, your mind, your soul
you trap it deep inside

But concealment just is not enough
the mask you wear is breaking
I can see what lies beneath
to see that you are aching

You say you don't understand
why you die inside somedays
That the tapestry that is your life
is slowly being frayed

Your restless soul is fighting
against what is tearing you apart
And I want to be there for you
to hold your tender heart

Let me be your glue
I'll be there everyday
Let me stitch you back together
words of love and kindess are what I'll say

I'll always hold you close
in my heart or by the hand
I want to put you back together
help you be a stronger man

Your smile lights up my life
the way you grin from ear to ear
This world was not meant for sorrow
and there is no need for tears

My heart, it beats for you
and I just want you to be aware
And together we can do anything
this love of ours is rare