Friday, August 6, 2010


i feel like a mannequin.
full face
full smile
full figure
but sometimes i feel devoid of feeling.

always a flirt
with an impish grin
stringing along
knowing what to say
knowing how to act
and making them stay
but keeping my heart intact.

i have my ears open
always listening to others
their joys
their pains
their lives
but my mouth stays closed.
i rarely share mine.

one-way connections.
i feel as though i am there for others
the mannequin they can talk to.
but the one who doesn't talk back.
i listen well.
too well?

i don't like to share.
i'd rather smile and nod.
in my perfect mannequin way.
but that can't be how it should work.
why won't i let people in?
why do i chose to be distant?