Saturday, September 26, 2009

cosmic wish

take my hand
take my hand and never let go.
take me
lead me far far away
take me on an adventure.
take me to the moon
into the galaxy
lets dance in the stars
hold me close
lets taste the milky way
hold me in your strong arms
and whisper in my ear
sweet somethings
whats that in your eye?
oh just a twinkle
we'll be a constellation
tears turn to glitter
and comets pass by
but the sun shines on your face
in your eyes

Friday, September 25, 2009

shades of green

i'm a very jealous person. yep i've recently discovered this. i frequently end up having to stop myself from judging myself against other people- but i usually never stop before i actually do the judging- so the damage is already done. i mean i never saw myself as a really jealous person. but lately i've discovered i have little fits of jealousy just about every single day, i just never let anyone know. so i'm coming out of the closet. i get jealous. every. single. day. about silly things mostly, but just know that when i compliment you, i'm probably secretly hating you deeep deeeeep down in my heart, only because i wish i could be more like you. so in a way its a compliment right?? haha, ok so its not really, only because its detrimental to me. i need to stop being so critical of myself. baby steps, and i think that just acknowleding it is the first step. so here is a list of things, things that i get jealous of. little everyday things.

I'm jealous because some people....
don't have jobs and pretty much only worry about socializing
2- have parents who pay for pretty much everything
3- are SOOOOO photogenic!
4- are terribly more creative and intellectual than i
5- have much better music taste than me
6- have no major regrets
7- have the confidence to strut
8- have the confidence to wear whatever, and WORK it
9- are terribly more witty and clever
10- can get things done at work much much faster than me
11- stand up for themselves and aren't doormats, ever.
12- are much skinnier than i
13- have really cute clothes and much better style
14- aren't afraid
15- will say exactly what they want to
16- don't procrastinate
17- have one of those smiles that just makes the world better
18- don't get embarrassed easily
19- don't have a duct-taped window
20- are far better organized
21- say very profound things
22- don't say stupid things that make people give you the 'wtf ' look
23- can go to the temple
24- don't worry about hurting people's feelings
25- are better friends than i am
26- have more friends than they know what to do with
27- know exactly what they want and how to get it in life
28- are much better at math than me
29- don't care as much as i do bout certain things
30- get through the yellow light and i have to stop at the red

So there you go, a petty list of my petty jealousies. I know i really have no reason to be jealous, my life is so truly amazing! i have so much to be grateful for! and i am so blessed, i know i am. but that doesn't mean that i don't have these silly feelings getting harbored up on the inside. so now that they are released, maybe, just maybe, i can let them go, and move on from them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


well... this is not an unfamiliar place for me nowadays. it seems like every couple of weeks i'm back to the same old question, with the same old feelings, with the same old advice from everyone else, and with my same old uncertainty as before. i just don't know what to do. and yet, i have to make a decision, at somepoint. i can't be a fence sitter, i can't have both ways.
sometimes i hate decisions. most times they are great tho! i love choosing between what comfy scrubs to wear, what breakfast cereal to eat, how to do my hair, what flavor of ice cream i want to savor, what song to listen to, what time to go to bed, what color of pen to use, how much i can budget for spending, etc. etc. i LOVE making those kind of choices. the ones that will only effect what, minutes? and at most, hours of my life? but then there are other ones... other choices that can change the rest of you life. and well... i'm just not a fan of those particular decisions . and its not like i'm even making those decisions right now, its just that the decisions i do make right now, will determine how soon i have to make those life-changing ones.

and i want to make the right choices. i really really do. and i know what i want in my future. but i'm afraid. afraid of a lot of things. afraid that what it is i want isn't right. afraid to lose him. afraid to be alone. and i'm afraid to disappoint. afraid to disappoint my heavenly father. afraid to disappoint my family. afraid to disappoint him. afraid to disappoint myself.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

in the hall of flags

I wonder what I look like
to the ones who pass me by.
I wonder what they see,
when they look me in the eye.
Can they see the struggles,
the fights going on within?
Can they see my character?
Or do they judge me by my skin?
Can they sense the sorrow,
and the fears I've kept inside?
Or do I conceal it all so well,
as I join them at their side?
I only wish I knew,
how I appear to be.
Another one's persepective,
would help to set me free.
From my self imprisonment,
of judging my own ways.
Its time for me to turn my back,
and get rid of this old phase.
But others cannot change it all,
this starts and ends with me.
It is just a trial to overcome,
and it is success that you will see.
For I have the will to carry on,
and leave the doubt behind.
Because I'm on a personal quest,
and confidence is what I'll find.