Tuesday, September 1, 2009

in the hall of flags

I wonder what I look like
to the ones who pass me by.
I wonder what they see,
when they look me in the eye.
Can they see the struggles,
the fights going on within?
Can they see my character?
Or do they judge me by my skin?
Can they sense the sorrow,
and the fears I've kept inside?
Or do I conceal it all so well,
as I join them at their side?
I only wish I knew,
how I appear to be.
Another one's persepective,
would help to set me free.
From my self imprisonment,
of judging my own ways.
Its time for me to turn my back,
and get rid of this old phase.
But others cannot change it all,
this starts and ends with me.
It is just a trial to overcome,
and it is success that you will see.
For I have the will to carry on,
and leave the doubt behind.
Because I'm on a personal quest,
and confidence is what I'll find.

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