Saturday, July 31, 2010


this is just a short post, nothing huge to say. only that my life is wonderful and beautiful and that i love my ward in a way that i never thought i would. i never thought that such a diverse group of people could feel like home to me. but thats what it is, that is the feeling i get when i am with them. they have become my family here. yes i still have and love my family, but these are the people that i go to to help me out, to listen to me, and i listen to them, to just hang out with, to share with, to serve with, to learn and grow with. they are my support. they make my life full and joyous. and its strange to me to think that something that i was so un-involved with a year ago, has become what my life revolves around. i love it. i love these people.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

age is a number

age is such a funny thing.

once upon a time, i was very intimidated by people older than me. i wasn't intimidated by people like the same age as my parents, but by people who were only a few years older than me. i used to think "why are they talking to me?! i'm so much younger than them, this is so awkward!" then eventually people only a year or two older than me didn't seem so intimidating. but then i came to college, and i was fine with people close to my age i was comfortable with, but i met other people who were like 26, i still felt awkward, like they shouldn't be wanting hanging out with me. then i met "the guys" the ones i did crazy adventures with at the beginning of the summer, and they were 25, and it made me realize that age didn't matter.

so this is something i have finally been able to get over. age just doesn't matter to me anymore. i mean, maturity cannot be measured in years i think, just in experiences. so this summer i have been mixing and mingling with the people that i fit in best with, maturity wise and all that jazz, and it usually means i'm hanging out with people much older than me.

but i don't even care anymore! i love the people i hang out with! they make me feel good about myself, my values, people around me, and the things we do. these are the kind of people i want to be around. they are the ones that make me happiest! i mean, i have several groups of people that i hang out with, and the people that i have been hanging out with most recently have made me realize the kind of people i prefer to be around, because although the spirit is not like "with us" when we are playing rock band, or making crazy brownies or whatever, i feel as though, it could be there. i just always have a good feeling when i'm with them. and i don't understand why people wouldn't want to feel this way, i don't know how i ever had a good time without this undeniable happiness that i just feel is bursting from within me!

honestly truly, i don't know how life could be any better for me... it almost makes me a little apprehensive about the future, because life is just SO wonderful! it's almost too good to be true, and there has got to be a crash coming around the corner. but for now, i will just continue to be thoroughly content with life :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


hello friends, it has been a million years since i've last posted anything. for this i do have an excuse! i have been very much away from a computer these days since my daddy has gotten in the habit of stealing mine. and i have been very much ok with it lately actually! surprisingly, since at first i was like "oh my gosh, no computer?! what am i going to do?! i have nothing here to help me waste hours and hours of time!!" but now i am like, oh hey i was wasting my life away doing absolutely nothing of importance. SO, the only reason why i am even on a computer now is because i am stuck at UVU waiting for an appointment with an advisor lady to get me off of probation. Yeahhhh, ok so lets get that out of the way, I'm on academic probation.  BUT, it's all good! I did the workshop, i met with my major advisor, i figured out the classes i'm gonna take next semester, so i should be good to go, and i should still be able to even make it into the nursing program, as long as i can pull off an A in my math class. yaaayyy math lab is all i'm gonna say

oh and to add to the theme of "probation" i am currently on probation because of two exceeding speeding tickets too. haha, yeaahhhh. i met with a points officer guy at the DMV yesterday for a hearing, and compared to my first experience in a "hearing" format, it was much nicer, and much less intimidating. i got to sit behind a desk, instead of at a stand in front of an angry looking judge and a bailiff in the corner... yeah. much nicer this time. so now i only have to be a really super extra careful good driver for the next 2 years... no big deal... this is definitely going to make me need to wake up earlier in the morning so i don't speed off to work.

ahhhh, life. so i think i can pretty much define my life lately in one word: FRIENDS. so since i live by myself all aloney-on-my-owney i have had to make friends with other people and apartments so i'm not alone all the time. this has made my summer AMAZING. i will not lie. I have SOOO lucked out in being able to make lots of friends, and i'm not even sure why, but somehow it has happened and i have been having the time of my life! i think the best part for me is that they are all different mixes of people, i can just blend in so many groups in my ward, and i just LOVE it. so if i don't like what one group is doing, i can see what the other groups are up to, and its just been uber nice. There's my work friends, who i love dearly! seriously, i love going to work just to see them. it feels like we're just hanging out sometimes, the way we get to talkin. its so much fun! i went to my first bridal shower for one of my friends, and i'll be going to her reception on saturday too. Then there's the guys of D318, which are Jake, Evan, Chris, and Matt. they are a good time, you can often find me with them playing volleyball, blowing fire, or something else ridiculous. Then there's my Kelli, Cami, and Markel friends. they are a little bit rougher edged, but i love them! we spend wayyy too much time just hanging outside of the pool, throwing snaps out their window onto poor pool-goers, and planning Kelli's wedding to her latin lover Hector. Ok so maybe not the wedding thing... YET. its gonna happen though, we all know it. Then there's my Brookie! I love her, and i'm now getting to love her roommate Cami too! We've been spending a lotta time together, since we are fellowshipping buddies, and we just think we are funny. tee hee. Cami and i are going on double date tomorrow to seven peaks with our wyoming boys too! it should be a good time. I'm excited! (though i think i need to buy a new swimsuit that doesn't slide around so much, i almost had a couple of bad experiences last night playing water no-rules basketball with the guys) Then i have a couple of guys i've been getting to know, and most of them are not in a romantic way, but we spend a lot of time together.

Ruben: he's a friend of Alexa's from Dixie, but he moved up here. he's a pretty chill guy, we've been hanging out a lot, especially because i drag him to ward activities and such so he can get to know people. he's a gangsta (self-proclaimed of course) and he's into graphic design, which is way cool! he's even let me play with his photoshop stuff, and its awesome! he has a drawing pad, which i have always wanted.

Kyle: or Special K, or Junior. he goes by all of them. now he... he... he is a very interesting child. haha. to say the least. to be perfectly honest, i don't really understand him.. .at all. haha. i never really know what he's talking about, he's very strange, he says awkward things, and comes up with crazy hypothetical situations he wants to work out with you. he is hilarious though, and he's very sweet. he has taken me out to dinner a few times, but they're not dates, they're just him wanting to spend time with people, he does it a lot. and hey i'm not gonna complain, free food is free food.

Joel: ok, now i just met him... not even a week ago. haha. BUT, he's a really sweet guy, and we have been talking A LOT. like A LOT A LOT. so we met last saturday when mutual friends came to Lagoon, and he's a shorty boy, but he's a cutie :) we flirted a lot, and we had a good time, and we kinda cuddled by the end of the night. so then sunday night, we talked for two hours. then monday night, two and a half. tuesday, three. wednesday, two. and thursday, only like 1, only because i was doing things with fun people. he's coming down tonight though, and we're gonna do dinner and a movie, and then he's staying the night and tomorrow we're doing the seven peaks thing, and then the wedding reception. it should be fun, i'm excited!

ok, now i have to go meet with my advisor, so au revoir until laters!