Tuesday, July 27, 2010

age is a number

age is such a funny thing.

once upon a time, i was very intimidated by people older than me. i wasn't intimidated by people like the same age as my parents, but by people who were only a few years older than me. i used to think "why are they talking to me?! i'm so much younger than them, this is so awkward!" then eventually people only a year or two older than me didn't seem so intimidating. but then i came to college, and i was fine with people close to my age i was comfortable with, but i met other people who were like 26, i still felt awkward, like they shouldn't be wanting hanging out with me. then i met "the guys" the ones i did crazy adventures with at the beginning of the summer, and they were 25, and it made me realize that age didn't matter.

so this is something i have finally been able to get over. age just doesn't matter to me anymore. i mean, maturity cannot be measured in years i think, just in experiences. so this summer i have been mixing and mingling with the people that i fit in best with, maturity wise and all that jazz, and it usually means i'm hanging out with people much older than me.

but i don't even care anymore! i love the people i hang out with! they make me feel good about myself, my values, people around me, and the things we do. these are the kind of people i want to be around. they are the ones that make me happiest! i mean, i have several groups of people that i hang out with, and the people that i have been hanging out with most recently have made me realize the kind of people i prefer to be around, because although the spirit is not like "with us" when we are playing rock band, or making crazy brownies or whatever, i feel as though, it could be there. i just always have a good feeling when i'm with them. and i don't understand why people wouldn't want to feel this way, i don't know how i ever had a good time without this undeniable happiness that i just feel is bursting from within me!

honestly truly, i don't know how life could be any better for me... it almost makes me a little apprehensive about the future, because life is just SO wonderful! it's almost too good to be true, and there has got to be a crash coming around the corner. but for now, i will just continue to be thoroughly content with life :)

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