Monday, March 22, 2010

little potater

i miss alexa winn. yes yes i do. i think that just lately i have decided this. i miss my best friend. it sucks that we live so far away from each other. but i really have just been craving that carefree friendship we have. the it doesn't matter if we say something stupid to each other cuz we just laugh and blow it off and it doesn't matter what we say because the other person will understand, and i can be totally and completely honest with everything, because this girl knows my life story pretty much. every single itsy bitsy detail, the good the bad and the ugly. and i miss her. i recently saw her when my roommates and i went to california and stopped by to see her, just for a handful of minutes, and it just has started this ache for me :( and now after being more updated with her life (courtesy of her blog, which I LOVE just btw dahling) i miss her even more. i need a friend. i need my little potater.

Monday, March 15, 2010

"don't come in, i'm talking to my underwear!"

the above statement should pretty much explain the college shenanigans we have going on in my apartment. we are ridiculous, pretty much THE END. haha, but i love it. i wouldn't have things any other way.

anyways, it has been about 2 months since i last wrote a blog post. i cannot hardly believe it has been so long! in fact, i just realized it, today, when i was looking at a dear friends blog, and decided to see mine, and low and behold, january was the last time i had written. holy moly,i have been slacking. so... rather than bore you with a long drawn out paragraph- i will just make a few bullet points involving things that have happened over the past little while.

- my friend Jesus was baptized! and it was such a great spiritual experience for me :) me and Jesus have institute together at the same time, so we talk a lot on the bus. he's so serious all the time, and he keeps trying to get me to sign up with ROTC. haha, gotta love that army guy :) (oh plus i should mention, just cuz its funny, that i feel sacreligious putting "Jesus" in my phone, so he is in my phone as "Hey-zeus". haha)

- my roommate Whitney was taking the missionary discussions, and she was baptized too, and asked me to say a talk. i was SOOOOO nervous! but it was such a great opportunity for me! i loved it. the spirit was so strong :) it was fantastic. paul came, and matt played an AMAZING piano piece for it too. a great day, that Whitney was stressing over wayyyy too much, to the point that it was actually quite irritating. i mean, she's a very nice girl, but she was driving me NUTS. but it was a good day nonetheless :)

- i played a lot of ward basketball, and was one of the only girls to show up, which was fine by me, because there are some major hotties in our ward, and in the other wards we play too, so i was liking the ratio ;) we have the championship coming up though, so i certainly hope that we will be able to keep our 3rd place position.

- i was made the ward choir director! woo! plus i'm in the fellowshipping committee with the whole church magazine calling i was given. so i currently have 2 callings, involving 2 committees, so sometimes i am a very busy girl during the week with meetings and fellowshipping. but its lots of fun! and i love getting to know my ward better :)

- i turned 19!! woo hoo! my birthday was on super bowl sunday, and well, i'll be honest. not many people knew, or cared, because it was the super bowl. but eh, oh wells. my roommates Caits and Cass bought me a birthday cake, it was super chocolatey and it was really good :) then we kinda all split ways and went to our own super bowl parties. then paul came and brought me a present, and then he also took me out on a date for valentine's/my birthday and he bought me my favorite perfume :)

- i still love my job! i have got a freaking great schedule figured out, so i still get days off for school, but i also get as many days that i need to work as well.

- i have discovered that i am a MAJOR flirt. i have a serious problem i have decided. i love it! i think it is just a blast, however, it makes me appear a lot more interested in the guys than i actually am... which has gotten me several guys who like me a hecka lot more than i like them unfortunately. well at least romantically. i mean, i like them all, i think they are great guys, and i would like to be friends with all of them, BUT, they are into romance, since most of them are RM's. and i'm really not into that. i'm too young for marriage, and i don't want anything serious until then. and i don't want to hurt these guys.

- i am now taking the sacrament :) this is a really big deal to me. it has been far too long since i have taken it, and have felt worthy to take it. i'm really very happy to do be doing it and renewing my covenants. my bishop helped me a lot through my trials to get where i am now. and he has helped me see things in a different light, and i am so grateful to have him in my life. i know he is intune with the spirit because he is guiding me and is helping and aiding me exactly how i need him to be. i am so blessed. next month i am planning on getting my temple recommend, and then hopefully going on to get my patriarchial blessing.

- on that note i would just like to say that i adore my bishopric. the end. really really really truly, the thing i love best about my ward is my bishopric. Bishop Kokkola and Brother Spencer are like my dads over here across the highway. i love seeing them. and i always feel so safe and loved when they give me a big hug. not to mention i think both of them are the sweetest men on earth. they are so good to their wives, and are so loving and gentle. i would be so lucky to find a man like them. example: Sister Spencer had a stroke a few years ago so she isn't quite all there, but Brother Spencer is always so gentle and patient with her. he is so cute when he's with her. i love the Spencers. they invite me dinner over at their house on sundays quite often. they are both great cooks :)

- i don't know exactly what i'm doing for school anymore. i know i want to do nursing... this much i know. but, there are so many options out there! should i go on to do LPN? EMT? RN? or should i try to do military and have them pay for my schooling for nursing? because that still appeals to me. i still do want to serve my country, and the army/air force still keeps popping into my head. and there's the whole fact that working a lot and goin to school and having a social life is quite complex, and it would be great if i could eliminate working, and just completely focus on school.

- i adore, ADORE, my roommates. yes i do. i love them to death, but as of late they are really rather getting on my nerves. its just cuz they are soooo already best friends, like they do EVERYTHING together, and they invite me along, but i still feel like such a little tag along. it just really came into fruition in pictures we have taken recently. caits and cass will lean into one another, and then i'm just an addition on the side that nobody really cares about, well at least thats what it felt like to me. not to mention the two of them have dark eyes with dark hair, and i'm this bright eyed blonde curly haired girl that follows around. and they are very... well off. as in money is no object to them. they spend spend spend. and their parents buy everything, and they don't work and so they just play play play all the time. and don't really think about what it is that they're doing. its just impulse for them. plus they make plans all the time... right in front of me... eh. its silly. i do love them. don't get me wrong, but sometimes even though i'm with them, i'm still not. sadly i will not deny that i'm kind of excited for them to leave, and have the apartment to myself.

- and now i'm really tired. i need to get to bed, so i will come up with more things later. i love my life, don't get me wrong. i'm incredibly blessed :)