Friday, October 15, 2010


so i went home on wednesday to do some laundry before i went in to sell plasma at talecris, but then i found out my sisters and my mom were going to california! so they invited me along since i was taking time off from work and it was fall break from school. so i contemplated for about ten minutes before i decided i should go. i mean how often do i get the chance to go to california in the first place?! so i went straight to my apartment, not having done any laundry, and they came to pick me up from there. and now here we are! dana point, laguna beach travelodge, in california! quite literally a 5 minute walk to the beach! its amazing! its been rainy, and cloudy, and foggy, we pretty much haven't seen the sun since we've been here, BUT its been so lovely! we have had so much fun playing in the waves, collecting shells, chilling at the pool, and watching excessive amounts of project runway and america's next top model. haha. i love my sisters :)

today we went to aliso viejo beach, and there were dolphins! a whole bunch of them too! there were at least 8-12 dolphins and they were sooooo close to the shore! steff kept saying how much she wanted to just go out and swim with them, but she didn't want to do it alone, so she convinced me to go with her. haha, so we swam all the way out to where the dolphins were at and it was pretty far out there, but we were like only 20 feet away from them! it was so crazy cool! then they swam away, so we came back in, and steff got pummeled by the waves, but i was just fine, i guess i can just read the waves better ;) haha. so we then went to the showers to get all the sand off, and we were walking back to the car, when we see a lifeguard car come down the street with its lights and sirens on, then the beach patrol, then the police, and then the marine safety patrol... it was ridiculous! so many officials! and we were trying to figure out why they all were there, and then i realized they were all looking at the dolphins... haha. we're pretty sure that they got called there because someone thought we were going to like attack the dolphins or something...  i got the beach patrol and marine safety called on me and my sister. haha. it has been such a fun trip!

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