Tuesday, October 5, 2010

day five: hope

its amazing how what you hope for can change day by day... so today, i hope that i will have a happy marriage. i hope that someday, when i decide to get married, my husband and i will both want to work on our marriage together. i hope that he still feels madly in love with me 5 years down the road, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, into the eternities. i hope i feel the same way about him. i hope that we're best friends. i hope that we won't fight a lot, i know its unrealisitc, but for right now i just hope we can at least try not to. i hope that we will be able to talk things out. i hope i never tire of holding his hand. i hope he never tires of calling me beautiful. i hope we will want to be with eachother all the time. i hope i will miss him when he's gone. i hope he calls me just to tell me he loves me. i hope we'll make meaningful love. i hope we have lots of kids. i hope we go on dates even if we have to get a babysitter. i hope i'll make him smile everyday. i hope he'll kiss me goodmorning even if i have bad breath. i hope that we'll dance across the kitchen floor. i hope he'll read the children bedtime stories. i hope the spirit will be in our home. i hope he will make his role of patriarch a priority. i hope he calls me honey. i hope i call him sweetheart. i hope "i love you" never gets old. i hope when we're old and wrinkly we'll be able to sit and smile and reminisce about our beautiful life together <3

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