Sunday, October 3, 2010

day three: forgive myself

i have to forgive myself for... my past. i made some extremely stupid and hurtful choices in my past, that continue to have repercussions even still today despite the changing of my ways. there are a lot of things i wish i hadn't done, but a lot of those things have helped me become who i am today. although if i could take back a lot of the things i did, i would. i suppose i'm also greatful for my experiences because they have strengthened my resolve and my faith in Jesus Christ and they have given me an understanding of the beauty and reality of the Atonement. i still hate the person i was. i still hate the things i did, the things i didn't do, the things i said, the things i didn't say, the people i hurt, all those things, they made me a horrible, miserable person. but perhaps it was from those things that i know that i never want to be there again, and i know how much happier of a person i am now because of the learning from my past.

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