Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day ten: let go

someone i need to let go, or someone you wish you never knew

there truly isn't someone i sincerely wish i never knew. i believe every person in my life has been there to teach me something. even people who ended up hurting me, or people who let me down, or people who just drifted out of my life, they were there because i needed them at that point in my life. so if they aren't in my life anymore, its because the role they play in the grand scheme of my life is over, and i have no more lessons to learn from them. and thats fine. i let people go when i don't feel the need to have them there in my life anymore, so i'm pretty sure i've let everyone go that i need to- i certainly don't feel strings attatched to people from my past- perhaps i'm niave in saying such things, but i truly do believe that i have not met someone that i wish i never knew. i am content with my life, and who's in it.

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