Wednesday, October 6, 2010

day six: hope i never

i can only think of one thing that i truly hope i never have to do... i hope i never have to bury a child. i think this would be the hardest thing i could possibly think of doing. i have seen the faces of parents who have had to do this, i have seen the anguish, i have seen the pain. i do not want that. i have seen one of my aunts go through this horrible ordeal, after the death of my baby cousin, and i have so much respect and love for her after going through something that just hurt so badly. i just cannnot even imagine, cannot even begin to fathom what its like, but i know how i feel about my sisters, my friends, my dog, my parents, i just do not think i would handle the death of one of my children very well. the child who developed inside me. my baby. i really truly hope above all else, that i never have to do this.

~ In loving memory of Elle Hullinger ~
   May 24, 2005 ~ August 30, 2006

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