Sunday, January 30, 2011

no more

i refuse to feel sorry for myself.
i'm done with all my complaints.
and usually they're just in my head...
or here on this page.
but i'm sick of me right now.
and i'm sure you are too.

my life is amazing!
i have wonderful friends.
entertaining roommates.
lots of activities to be a part of.
classes to keep me busy.
good books to read.
letters to write.
lots of new foods to cook.
my clothes to pick up
(they throw themselves on the floor i swear!)
the best co-workers a girl could ask for.
a good job with wonderful residents.
(despite how much management irks me)

but its more than that.
I have a Savior who loves me.
He knows me better than anyone.
I know that He is always there for me.
I have the gospel in my life.
and it does make me happy.
having faith in this gospel makes me so happy.
it never ceases to amaze me.
how the spirit can offer such comfort.
I got that comfort today.
no matter what happens, I'll always have this gospel.
And I will always have a Savior.
And that's enough for me.

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