Thursday, January 20, 2011


early this morning at work, i struggled to find my usual "perkiness" and patience when dealing with all of the people and assignments i had to do. i wasn't thrilled about the other two aides i was working with, because i feel like one only half does her job, while the other doesn't speak english and i have a really hard time understanding what she's saying, not to mention, she is one of the slower aides. that and my roommate decided to open the window and i was freezing all night, and then when i woke up to go to work i remembered i still had school to go to afterwards as well! needless to say, i wasn't in the best of moods. i just felt... off. i couldn't really put my finger on it, because usually i'm able to overlook those type things and just be happy and all smiles, but today, for some reason, i had to really really try to put my grumpiness behind me.

so i was waiting for the cart from the kitchen that would have all the meals for the residents who stayed in bed for breakfast, when i decided to talk to one of my favorite residents. his name is Brady, well Reeves Brady, but he served in the navy and always was referred to as Brady, so thats what he goes by even now at 97 years old. I decided to stop and give him a hug and a smile, because by golly, he's just an adorable elder gentleman and you just can't help but love him. he gave me a big ol toothy grin (with some missing of course) and he gave me a hug. he told me he sure appreciated me always smiling and always being so happy and spreading cheer to everyone there with my silly dances and singing. he told me how beautiful and charming i was, and i told him how he flattered me with sweet lies. but he looked at me, and grabbed me by the wrist and looked at me and told me "no no miss. i'm only telling you the truth! you girls are wonderful here, but especially you. you know you are a chosen generation? its true! you're the chosen ones. and don't you ever, ever, forget that!"

i didn't really think on it much at the time, because i was stressed so much with everything i had to do, but now since the day is done, i realize how wonderful that moment was. of an elder gentleman telling me the important things in life, the things that will actually matter in the end. then on accident actually, i clicked my little "favorite" tab for and to my absolute pleasure and surprise there was a little movie right up front about the expectations of youth and how we are the chosen generation. (if you wanna check it out ) and its short, but it was oh so sweet and inspirational. i love the spirit you guys. i love these apostles. i love this church. and i may be part of the chosen generation, but that doesn't mean that there aren't expectations for me to live up to. i am so grateful for this gospel. it touches my heart time and time again. and i'm grateful for the tender mercies God gives me. i am so blessed. and i just hope to always live my life right so that i may live up to those great expectations.

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