Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want something.
with every fiber of my being.
I'm obsessed.
I constantly think about it.
I think its exactly what I need.
but its also exactly what I want.
Soooo badly.
I want to be an EFY counselor.
I remember going for my first year
"A More Excellent Way"
with my friend Mal Pal.
And I fell in love.
With EFY.
The feel.
The spirit.
The ideas.
The lessons.
The fun!
I decided then, I wanted to be a counselor.
So here I am.
6 years later.
Applying for a position.
I want this so bad...
I don't think I've wanted something this bad...
So please oh please oh please!
If anyone out there cares for me.
Send your best wishes my way.
Because I want this, more than I could ever explain.

my last year at EFY


  1. Question... If I never went to EFY, would I still be able to be a counselor sometime? I think it'd be so fun, I just never got a chance to go.

  2. you should be able to! there isn't a rule that says you have to have gone! but you do have to be 20 and have a year of out-of-high school experience before you can apply