Wednesday, November 24, 2010

mango tree

"I wish I had a mango tree. In my backyard.
With you standing next to me. Take the picture.
From her lips I heard her say, "Can I have you?"
Caught up in what to say, I said, "You do." "

I can just picture this everytime I hear this song..With one hand on my lower back, one hand holding mine, we dance under the stars, in the grass. He holds me close as we slowly shuffle in a circle as his lips brush my ear as he whispers the lyrics to the song to me. Our song. The song. My favorite song.

He's amazing.

No, I would never say he is perfect, that would be a lie. I certainly am not perfect. Our relationship is far from perfect. Sometimes, he drives me up the wall! Sometimes I make him so agitated. Sometimes he is utterly ridiculous. Sometimes I'm ridiculously emotional. But we always work things out. We never leave each other angry.

I love him.
I love who he is.
I love the person I know he will be.

Where this will go, I don't know. But right now, I don't even care. I just want to be with him.

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