Thursday, November 4, 2010

day thirteen: me and Sara

hands down if i had to pick an artist that has gotten me through the bad times, the good times, the whenever times, it would be Sara Bareilles. i love her music so much! my good friend sara barber showed her to me once upon a time when i was working at gonescrappin', back when she was first being produced, before she was a big radio sensation. i fell in love with her song "Fairytale" and then luckily sara let me have her copy of the cd, called Little Voice. and now i am addicted, and i think it is the most phenomenal collection. when i start listening to Sara Bareilles nothing else matters but the music. like seriously- if i have her playing in my car and you are sitting right there, i don't want to talk to you at all. i'm just being honest. i just want to sing. the world vanishes. all that's left is the music and the words and the feelings they bring. i don't care about my homework, job, boyfriend, money, friends, its just me and Sara. And for a little while, that's just fine. she is my escape.

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