Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day twelve: tell me

well in all honesty i can't really think of what i don't get complimented on. i don't really live for compliments, i don't really need them to feel good about myself, i can do that just by doing the right things and knowing that i'm doing the right things. i don't need people to tell me i'm smart, i know i am smart and am able to understand the hard things. i don't need to be told i'm mature for my age, i already know i'm not a typical drama queen.  i don't need compliments about how beautiful i am, i know when i'm looking pretty, every girl does. i don't like to fish for compliments, i think its tacky and desperate. so i don't know what really to say here... i guess i wish people would say i'm a good time to hang out with i guess. i wish more people would be like "HEY! come with us!" but i mean i have plenty of friends who do that, but it just would be nice to have more. :)

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