Thursday, November 11, 2010

don't tempt me


stop with the cakes.
the pictures. the dresses.
the centerpieces. the tablecloths.
the shoes and addresses.

stop with the invites.
the catering. the rings.
the showers. the colors.
all the weddingtype things.

too many friends are heeding the call
the one of eternity
the one that lasts for it all.

yes i know you're in love.
yes i know it can't wait,
because marriage i'm told is
"Totally great!"

but i'm not ready for that
the timings not right
but sometimes...
i lie there thinking at night...
thoughts give me some feelings...
that i don't want to fight.

i want to get married.

but shhh, don't you dare tell a soul!
because wanting that thing...
that isn't my role!
i'm the one who is scared!
remember that part?
the one who can't fathom giving my heart?

but alas, it has crossed my mind, one time or two.
and i thought i might share this knowledge with you.
but its not my main goal.
i still have some time.

but when i endure conversations day after day
those feelings grow stronger...
don't tempt me i say!

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