Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i had a redneck adventure on saturday. and i don't know what i would have done without my darling redneck friend natalie. haha. i picked her up from her casa on saturday after she got done with work, and then we went to cafe rio and had an awesome girl catch-up dinner. we talked and talked and talked some more! i love friends like nat, where we don't have to see each other too terribly often, but when we're together we act like no time has passed. its AWESOME.

so we caught up on each others lives, then i took her off to go with me to go to one of my co-workers birthday parties. now i didn't really know where chellyn lived, i had a pretty good idea, but i wasn't completely sure, but i figured i could just wing it! so we head off, blasting music in my car and we find what we think is chellyn's house. so we park and traipse off to the front door and knock andd..... a rather large mexican man answers the door instead... haha. i was like, "Ohhhhh... you are not chellyn!" so he tells us where he thinks her house is at (he was totally wrong just btw), and so we run back to my car feeling like idiots for going to the wrong door. we jump in, and i go to turn the key annnndddd... nothing. car won't start. i try again, and again, and again. what?!?! why wouldn't it work?! we had JUST got out of the car and it had been working just fine! soooo, i call chellyn and tell her the situation, and she laughs her butt off on the other line, then sends jensenne and mark to come jump my car. haha it was ridiculous! so it jumps real easy, and then nat and i drive around for a few minutes so to build a charge, then we literally turn a corner and the very next street is where the party's at, it was within walking distance. haha.

anyways, we park again, then go in to the party. there were so many awkward couples! just the kind that were ALL over each other, and then the people who were single, were all really good friends with inside jokes and what not, and so nat and i tried to involve ourselves, butttt it was awkward. so when the only other single people were leaving, we decided to leave too. haha. so it was around 11, and we went back out to my car, anndddd it doesn't start again! it was ridiculous! so we quick grab two guys to jump our car for the second time of the night. they laughed when we told them it was the second time, then said we should probably drive around for a bit, so thats what we did! we jammed to some music and we drove up state street and 800 north for at least like 20 minutes.

then nat had to pee. so she picked the walker's/wendy's gas station where all her redneck friends hang out to go to the bathroom. so we pull up next to three majorly lifted trucks in my little accord. then we go do our business, and come back out and my car won't start AGAIN! so nat convinces one of the rednecks to jump my car, then go with us to wal-mart, help pick out my battery, then jump my car again for the FOURTH time, drive to nat's house, then replace my battery. it was such a ridiculous night! i didn't get home til like 1 o'clock! haha. it was a crazy night, but i had so much fun, and it was exactly what i needed. a ridiculous night with a crazy adventure with a good friend. hooray for rednecks :)

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