Thursday, February 3, 2011


i was prepared to love you.
to give you all my heart.
i never would have guessed,
that you preffered us apart.

the hope that i had gathered,
of us working out someday
was shattered in an instant
when you felt a different way

i thought we needed time
a little time to be alone,
to know who we are and what we had
i felt thats what i was being shown

you said we were too different
that it wasn't meant to be.
but i had hoped with all my soul
that again we would sing "mango tree"

you say you want me happy,
but baby can't you see?
that you could have made that happen
if you would stay with me.

you think i deserve better,
but baby can't you see?
i thought you were the one,
i wanted you to be with me.

you said "its not the end of the world"
that "everything will be alright."
but that doesn't help my tears,
that are pouring out tonight.

(this is my last sad post. i will not be making anymore about this subject. it is done. el fin. my heart is broken, but that is that. he doesn't feel the same. so why be sad when he is not?)

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