Thursday, April 1, 2010

"maw-rige is what bwings us hewr togethur today"

marriage. weddings. rings. proposals. engagements. wedding dresses. cakes. invitations. the ensign this month. friends getting engaged. finding out my friends are married. holy oh my goodness, i cannot seem to escape the all entangling things that relate to this special happy ceremony!!! its enough to drive me a little bit crazy! its like the world i live in is obsessed! maybe its always been like this down here, i just didn't really see it because it didn't really apply to my age group, but now, NOW i am seeing the obsession. Now i am seeing how people get bothered by it here in happy valley. ARHGGHGH. why is it that everyone has marriage on the brain? i mean, admittedly i do think about marriage, my future significant other, and all other things that teenage girls dream of, but with everyone else thinking about it too, it becomes a little bit much. i mean i talk about it at work, with one of my friends planning her wedding, i talk about it at school when i run into old friends who inform me that they are engaged, i talk about it with my roommates when we get sent a Utah Valley Bride magazine, i talk about it with guys when i say i'm not ready for marriage, i talk about it at church when they tell us to ready ourselves for marriage, i read about it in the ensign (April issue specifically deals with overcoming fear of marriage), and well frankly, i'm a bit overwhelmed. sigh. such is life living as a single fairly attractive young lady in "happy valley"

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