Sunday, April 18, 2010

i stay up too late

ohhh my goodness. i pulled my first all nighter. yep. i did it. for the first, but probably not the last time. i don't really know what more to say other than this whole "staying up late thing" is getting to be such a HABIT. yep. i'm practically nocturnal. which is not exactly the best thing in the world- but hey- chances are i won't be for very much longer. SO, the night i pulled the all nighter... oh gracious. i wasn't even going to go. i wasn't! i had every intention of just staying put in my warm comfy bed, because i had work in the morning. but davide only had MY phone number, so i had to wait for him to call me to get any information about the four of us, so he kept calling, then he came over. then they were waiting for tommy to be done with something so he could come along with everyone. so they all were in cassidy's room chatting and laughing away... and i was attempting to sleep in my bed, but it was really really not working. so when it came down to leaving... i left with them. haha. so we went to tommy's. we went to beto's (of course. these boys are addicted. they go ALL the time.) then on again to seven peaks at 2:30 in the morning. this time with jill and tommy though. and i will admit, it was a lot more fun the second time! haha. jill was totally scared and only went down once with me and then sat at the bottom of the slide the rest of the time. and tommy was just funny the whole time. it was a good time, all 6 of us just hanging out. unfortunately we didn't get back to the apartment til 5. and i had work at 6. splendid! so i made myself breakfast and got ready for work. and that is that. it was utterly ridiculous- i was falling asleep as i was feeding people during breakfast. but then i took my lunch, which meant i went in my car and crashed for a half hour. then i was able to function the rest of the shift. haha. it was still a good time. so friday we all crashed and slept like all day and watched movies and that was it. but then on saturday we went on another adventure with davide and rhett. haha. those two are really funny.  we drove up to Park City and we snuck into a spa at one of the hotels at the canyons. haha. yes we drove all the way up to park city to go to a hot tub. dumb? yes. a good time nonetheless? heck yes! haha. so that night we got back at 6. then we slept til noon, and then we had church. haha. and we got davide and rhett to both go. so yay us! at any rate- these boys are terribly funny, a really great time, and they have us trying to find somehting to do ALL the time. we are always lookign for stuff to do, instead of doing normal things like sleep and studying. haha. like last night, we didn't even start out hanging out til after 11. then we watched Return of the King- the extended version. NO LIE. it was insanely long! and most everyone fell asleep at somepoint. then after the movie, we just sat there for a really long time, and then tommy said we should have a wrestling match... haha. yes so we all wrestled, and freaking davide is a tank. home at 5 in the morning. haha. wow- we have gone on more adventures together these past two weeks than we have like all semester. i will be sad when they leave me :( first because they are like my only friends- the ones i do the most stuff with- but also because i don't think i'll be hanging out with the guys after this. because its not that they want to hang out with just me- they wanna hang out with the four of us together, because we're a freaking good time! not gonna lie. we are HILARIOUS. i mean- i'd wanna hang out with us. we're funny. so its a package deal when they wanna hang out. they want all of us. so urgh, i'm thinking once everyone leaves- i'm going to be lonely lonely. boo. oh wells- i can't worry about what hasn't happened yet. i'm just gonna focus on the fact that i am having the time of my life and there ain't nothing gonna bring me down. this summer- is going to be amazzzzing. i'll make it so :)

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