Monday, April 12, 2010

hmmm... nothing

it's 9:30 on a monday night and i have nothing to do. nothing. no homework. nothing is due. and i'm bored and well, i haven't been blogging much. so here goes- a little bit of blogging. and i'm just going to write whatever it is that i feel like. ha. ha. ha. because i can. here goes!

~ i don't think i'm a very good blogger. i'm not very profound. i usually just ramble and talk about silly things... but then when i look at other peoples blogs and they do just about the same things, i think its absolutely amazing! so perhaps i judge myself too harshly.

~ i may not be the hottest girl in the world, but i seem to be attracting a fair amount of attention from persons of the opposite sex. i am not sure how i feel about this, considering the fact that i do not want to pursue anything of the romantic type sort for a considerable amount of time. i guess i can say, i'm flattered, and i want the attention, but i don't at the same time. i want them to leave me alone, so i can completely focus on myself actually. i am going through quite the selfish phase here. i want to take care of me... before i worry about taking care of someone else.

~ i really hard core cleaned my apartment today. i cleaned my room quite thoroughly, getting rid of all the clutter on my desk so now i can actually use it. i picked up and folded and hung up all of the clothes that were on my floor. put all my shoes in their cubbies. dusted my desk and chair. i cleaned the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. the mirror. the toilet (not cassidy's toilet though. it is disgustingly clogged, and for some hairbrained reason she isn't getting it fixed. so it sits there. with the sewage just chillin in the pot. its been like that for DAYS. ew. gross. all i'm going to say) the bathtub. the counters in the kitchen. the dining table. the tv. the entertainment center. the baseboards. the pile of my things beside the couch. just everything pretty much. i didn't get around to actually cleaning the floor in the kitchen though. that will be a task for tomorrow i'm thinking. because it is sticky. and icky. and yeah you get the picture.

~ i want to travel. i really really want to travel. i want to go to italy! i want to go to europe! i want to go to uruguay! venezuela! costa rica! the bahamas! anywhere on this earth of ours, i want to go. i want to see! i want to go on an insane trip with friends from college (which friends... that is to be determined when i actually have some good ones... :/ ) at any rate, i want to go on a road trip. i want to go on an insane camping adventure! i just want to do something! anything! maybe something this summer... we'll see.

~ i really really really really REALLY want to redecorate my apartment. i want to buy some curtains, and pictures! and lamps, and rugs and cute things to put in my kitchen where i can store my cooking stuff. and cute dishes. and silverware. and a table cloth. and a new tv. and a full length mirror. and cuter hanging lights. and quote sticker things to put on my walls. and pretty much everything in the world. but i really want to make this place feel like its MINE. and i just think that decorating it to my liking would make it feel more like home. maybe i'll have steff help me out. she has such a great eye for fashion and cute home decor type stuff. OH MAN! i just realized that cassidy is going to take all the comfy pillows from the apartment too! DANG! i'll have to get throw pillows too. ah. this is goin to cost a fortune. but oh wells. i think it'll be worth it :)

~ i am obsessed with a silly ridiculous total time-wasting game. its called plants vs. zombies and i pretty much play it ALL the time. i really need to put a time limit on how much i play- because if i'm not careful, i could spend hours. basically, you plant plants like a peashooter, or a cob-pult, or melon launcher, or a wall-nut, and you try to keep the zombies from getting to your house and eating your brains. it sounds SO dumb, and it IS dumb! but i can't get away from it! i love it so much. the zombies are silly, and i will end this segment with this statement- i hate the michael jackson zombie and all of his ridiculous back-up dancers.

~ i am starting to not love the show i watch anymore. gossip girl, a show that my roommates got me hooked on, is really starting to take a turn for the worst. at first, i liked it, then the right people were ending up with each other so i was so happy! and now they are all being stupid and breaking up and being liars and decievers. stupid stupid upper east side. sigh. chuck and blair broke up for good. the show is pretty much dead to me. except i have to find out why lily was at dr. van der woodsen's house... and i have to know whether that dumb lil jenny actually gets nate. because that would be sad sad sad. because i love nate. really. and not just because he is incredibly sexy, but because he's a sweet guy, although a little naive. oh wells. so despite not really wanting to... i will be tuning in next week. haha.

~ i want a new laptop. they have such gorgeous ones at best buy! (not to mention gorgeous guys too! i'm very quite serious. they have some very attractive salesmen. i think they do that on purpose) but chances are i will not get one. not for a while anyways. probably not until i can do financing to get one.

~ I HATE CREDIT. the end. i hate the fact that i have to have credit to do anything, but nobody is willing to give me the chance to get credit. and the fact that me applying to get credit cards has been hurting the credit I DON'T EVEN HAVE, really really iritates me. URGH. don't even get me started on a rant about it. it makes NO SENSE to me.

~ my apartment smells good for once in my life. it's because i bought febreeze noticables. they are fantastic. i want this place to smell this good allll the time :)

~ Wal-mart makes BANK off of me. i'm not even kidding. out of all the places i spend money- its the most. probably because i go there for everything. clothes. food. odds and ends. yeah... over just the past like 6 days, i've been there 4 times for whatever whatever. i really need to work on my spending. i need to not get side-tracked or buy a bunch of things NOT on my list. booo sales and my impulse to spend a bunch of money now that i have my tax refund!

~ it's raining outside. i can hear it pounding on the pavement and the little window pavillions they put over the doors so you don't get terribly wet. it was so nice and warm and lovely today... now its raining. its the reason why we didn't get to have our bonfire for FHE tonight. and i do like the rain a lot. but not so much when its cold. i like warm rain. it brings all kinds of memories flooding back to me. i love the smell of rain on warm concrete. and it makes me think of when me and steff used to build all kinds of forts in the backyard with our swingset and the plastic pool and the turtle sandbox so we could sit outside while it rained, and not get wet.  and when my family was at bear lake and we were out boating and had to come in because the rain quickly turned to hail and it was pelting us all the way back to the dock. rain always brings fun memories :)

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