Sunday, November 29, 2009

not a bat

no, i am not a bat.
i don't have wings and i don't eat insects.
i don't fly around and i don't hang upside down.
i don't suck blood and i don't live in a cave.
but most of all, the one thing that makes me so very different than the bat,
is this one simple little fact: i am not blind.
no, i am not a bat, so i am not blind to what is going on.
i am not oblivious.
i can see what is going on, though you seem to think i don't.
you think that you are sparing me by "keeping it hidden"
i can see more than you think.
though you seem to doubt i do.
you don't think i see your hurt, your pain, your drowning.
you think that i just skim over it like its no big deal.
you couldn't be more wrong.
it hurts me every time i see you.
it hurts me when i look in your eyes.
and i can see the pain.
it hurts me to know that the smile on your lips,
never quite reaches your eyes.
that the laugh in the air,
never quite reaches your heart.
you think you are sparing me,
by treating me like i'm blind.
i can see.
my eyes are open, as is my heart.
but you think that i am closed.
but i am not blind.
i am not a bat.

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