Sunday, November 22, 2009

it, if, hope

it doesn't seem quite fair to judge a person without having any proof at all.
it doesn't seem quite right to make wild accusations.
it doesn't seem quite nice to make that person fear you.
it doesn't seem quite christian to have such feelings of hate.

what if you were the accused?
what if you were innocent?
what if you were unable to convince them they were wrong?
what if you were the one alone?

i hope someone would speak up for you.
i hope someone would believe in your words.
i hope someone would say they were on your team.
i hope someone would give you a hug.

this world isn't fair to everyone.
this world doesn't treat people the way that they should be.
this world can be an awful and nasty place.
this world should be a heaven on earth.

let us all give the benefit of the doubt.
let us all treat each other with kindness.
let us all help to lift one another up
let us all care for others more than ourselves.

love one another.
love the life you're given.
love the world that you live in.
love your Father in heaven.

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