Thursday, September 30, 2010


(just fyi, i started this one a reallll long time ago, but never finished it. i wrote this September 16th and am now just posting it)

soooo... i have a boyfriend again :) this is happy news i do believe. his name is Joel Russell Anderson (note the ON and not EN, it symbolizes eternalness or oneness with God or something something... one time he ranted about how the way his name is spelled is the better way, and it was just funny. haha) ANYWAYS, sidetrack! so me and Joel have been official for about a week now, but we pretty much have been dating ever since we met, which was July 10th. huh... i think its kinda weird i know that... but oh well. so we made things official on September 10th. So we have been dating for about two months. and guess how long he has been off his mission? THREE months. sooo... yeah! you be the judge. this is a little fast. however if he had had his way we would have been made official a loooonng time ago. which probably would have made his parents even more upset. oh yeah, they definitely do not support Joel dating me. mostly because they don't want Joel to get married yet, and they think i'm a player :-/ which is frustrating, because i'm not. and they only think that because i didn't want to get in a relationship because i wanted him to get to know other people and especially other girls and stuff. i just can't win. sigh. but oh wells. soo about me and joel. we are two shorties. haha. we are the same height (my hair is bigger sometimes though). we get along really well, most of the time anyways. haha. he has a really jealous side to him which i don't love, but in its own way its kinda cute. he makes me smile. A LOT : D

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