Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blueberry pancakes

so i finally made the blueberry pancakes i have been planning on making for like... over a week now. i finally put some effort into cooking this morning. and oh baby oh baby, i am SO glad i did. they were fantastic, i won't deny. mmmm yummmy yummy. the pancakes are kinda funny though, they consist of yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, wheat flour, salt, and baking soda. i was a little skeptical about how they would turn out, BUT they were lovely. then i just topped them with the blueberry syrup i made. and they were extremely delicious, however, do NOT burn them. because burnt yogurt tastes really bad.


so update about life:

1) i gave a talk at church on sunday. i was SO nervous! it was my first "full length" talk. you know, not the little kid/youth speaker talk that lasts like 3 minutes if that. i had timed myself, and it was about a 14 minute talk. so i was pretty impressed with myself, however i'm sure it was shorter, because i was talking really fast. haha. its one of those things that happens when i'm nervous though. my family came, and i was so happy to see them! they even printed off my talk, they're so nice :) haha, Bro Spencer even jokingly thanked them for coming to our ward, and doubling our numbers. haha. yeahhhh. there were not very many people, and in a way, i was rather sad about that. there were a few people i wished had been there, but i suppose i can't feel too badly. thats life.


2) meet my best fellowshipping buddy! this is Brooke- i mean Brookie! (well she is trying to get people to call her Brookie, but even she is forgetting that most of the time.) her favorite color is yellow. she is in love with the Beatles. She's from St. George. We hung out when i went to visit Alexa cuz we were both down there! haha. She is such a doll!! we are getting to be pretty great friends. we hang out a lot, i'm sure you gathered that since i'm pretty much always over at her apartment. anyways! i love her to death, because we are very much on the same page of life. we're both only 19, and we're both stayin in the ward. we both have very similar senses of humor, and we both act ridiculous all the time. we came up with a sweet dance on sunday night. haha. we are fun :) tee hee

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