Friday, May 1, 2009


what is it about attraction that makes people so ridiculous? why is it that when people find themselves attracted to somebody they're over the top EVERYTHING? like honestly- why do we have this effect on eachother? why do we do or say stupid silly things to eachother? i don't understand. all i know is that attraction is powerful. it effects everything and most everybody. it makes us think a million things at once, it makes us second guess ourselves, makes our hearts race, pits sweat, face redden, the works. but its wonderful- the swooping sensation, the daydreaming, the electricity you feel when you accidentally touch, it keeps you motivated to look your best and to be your best- most of the time anyways. its a fabulous feeling- when you have it. and there are days when i really miss this feeling. where is the man who will sweep me off my feet? and not sweep me under the rug?

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