Saturday, April 25, 2009

the beginning

i'm not even sure where to begin on this... i mean its blogging, i never really understood what it was, or what it did, or why would people even do it?? but now i see it as a way of expression you know? a way that others can see what you think and believe- but its a little less... in your face. its more of an "if you have time" type of thing. which is kinda nice.

so i named my blog "life goes on" because its probably my favorite saying- and i literally say it all the time. because life really really does go on. say you're having an awful-terrible-no-good-very-bad-day day, and we all have those, you know the days, you just have to remember that later in life, this day won't even matter! so don't dwell on it! chances are, in most cases anyways, you'll forget about the incident by the end of the week! so don't let bad days get you down! i mean its ok to have a bad day and moap about it every once in a while- but don't make it everyday. cuz sometimes it drives people up the walls ;)

just remember life goes on :)

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